Underyoo Wisperwalk Accoustic

Underyoo Wisperwalk Accoustic

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The Underyoo-Wisperwalk-Accoustic is great for family’s with playrooms in their house. This is a very smart choice compared to cork or rubber. It helps make the noise of traveling through the house less likely to be heard. It also provides for more comfort while traveling around your domain. This can be installed underneath the laminate floors and floating hardwood floors. This type of product also serves well for insulation to help keep your house warm. One piece of this material is 47 inches wide and 305.12 inches long covering 100 square feet. The Underyoo Wisperwalk Accoustic comes .49 cents per square foot. Making it $49.00 for one carton. It comes in rolls of 4×25 making it easier and quicker to install. This is made for its toughness and durability. 

Weight: 6 lb


Item Specifications & Details 

Coverage: 100
Width: 47.25
Length: 305.12

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