Underyoo Wisperwalk Eco Cork 3mm Underlayment

Underyoo Wisperwalk Eco Cork 3mm Underlayment

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Underyoo Wisperwalk Eco Cork 3mm underlayment is a great product to soften the floors under a homeowner’s feet. This underlayment is a full 3mm thick, and it’s been constructed of soft and elastic cork. Cork is renowned for its natural ability to yield, and now homeowners can take advantage of this quality. This material is perfect for a variety of applications, and it can be installed underneath a lot of products. Many people choose to install this underlayment before they finish their floors.

Underlayments provide a number of benefits, and the Underyoo Wisperwalk Eco Cork is one of the highest quality products on the market. It will provide the cushion that is essential to soften the strides of people who walk through the home. The Cork is elastic enough so that the finished flooring can float atop the underlayment. It will also help to improve the insulation of the entire structure. 

Weight: 15 lb


Item Specifications & Details 

Coverage: 100
Width: 36
Length: 400

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