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Claims Process

  1. The customer or sales rep calls in the complaint, either by filling out the in Gala claim form, or verbally through the distributors customer service.
  2. If called in, the Distributors representative may get involved and go to the job and view and gather information, along with photos, and submit to Distributor. Distributor then submits to Gala.
  3. If there is not enough information, or the information is vague, Gala will return it to Distributor with additional required information noted. If an independent inspector is needed to gather and verify information, then Distributor authorizes and schedules an independent inspector.
  4. If Gala decides there is adequate information, Gala will notify Distributor within 1 week and begin to process claim. Claim will be processed within 10 business days.
  5. If Claim needs independent inspection, Gala will process claim after the inspection report has been submitted to us, within 10 business days.
  6. If found to be defective by independent inspector, Gala pays for the inspection (max. $350), if it’s not deemed a defect, customer, or dealer, or distributor, pays for inspection.
  7. If a visible defect or décor error is installed. Gala will not be held liable for replacement of product.
  8. All installations must be installed to meet or exceed industry standards. Any installation determined to be installed incorrectly, will void any warranty, actual or implied.